A DUI or driving under the influence also known as an OVI or operating a vehicle impaired, as it is referred to in Ohio, happens when a person is operating a vehicle under the influence. This includes driving while drunk or high. An OVI can be given out to anyone operating a vehicle while intoxicated and that includes bicycles, horse-drawn carriages, boats, and any other type of machine that will get you from one place to another. The legal alcohol limit in Ohio follows the federal law of .08 percent for the legal limit. However, if you are operating a commercial vehicle it is .04 percent and when you are under 21 it’s .02 percent. In Ohio, you can consent to a urine test or a breathalyzer at the scene of the crime. If you decline a breathalyzer, then you will be immediately taken into custody and will be convicted of an OVI.
A DUI or OVI bail bond is when you are convicted of a DUI or OVI and need to post bail. Depending on if this is your loved ones first offense or not, the bail and time spent in jail can differ. If you refuse the chemical test in Ohio you can also be looking at a suspended license. Once your loved one has been charged with an OVI, bail will be posted and you’ll need to purchase 10 percent of the bail bond in order to help your loved one become free from jail.


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