Domestic violence is when there is violent behavior in a home against a partner or spouse. Domestic violence can happen against a man or a woman and can include willful intimidation, sexual assault, physical assault, and battery. Domestic violence also includes a display of systematic patterns of power over another person. Again, domestic violence isn’t only geared toward women, but can be women or men in heterosexual or homosexual relationships. Domestic violence can also happen against family household members, such as children, parents, or grandparents. A domestic bail bond is when someone is arrested and put in jail on domestic violence charges. Depending on the state of injury caused, circumstances, and the prior convictions of the offender the charges can be more severe than a 3rd-degree misdemeanor.
In Ohio, domestic violence is a misdemeanor and is penalized by up to six months in jail and a fine of $1,000. The minimum penalties someone can get for domestic violence charges is a 3rd-degree misdemeanor with up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. Depending on the situation, injuries caused to the victim/s, and the prior convictions of the offender, occasionally the offender can be charged with a felony. Once your loved one is arrested for domestic bail bonds, it’s not like other bail situations. Based on prior convictions and the level of danger the offender may be to society, bail may or may not be set. The judge is the one who sets the bail amount, but the offender should also appear in court upon the request of the judge. If your loved one does not appear in court, then the bail will be forfeited. If your loved one adheres to the rules, once the bail is set HB Bail Bonds can help free your loved one.


 At HB Bail Bonds, we’re here to help your loved one have another chance. Domestic violence charges are serious, but by following the required procedure and showing up to court, your loved one will be able to plan accordingly for the charges. HB Bail Bonds is an affordable bail bonds company that can help you out of a sticky situation. Our bail bond service includes helping you and your loved one have more time to gather information and prepare for the trial. In addition to allowing you and your loved one more time to work out the trial, HB Bail Bonds is also able to accommodate your needs when figuring out the best route to overcome the charges. We can offer help, an affordable bail bonds service, and a simple process. It can be difficult to see your loved one in this situation, but with HB Bail Bonds we make this tough process a little easier because of our professionalism, reliable bail bonds agents, and the ability to provide high-quality bail bonding services. Take advantage of our affordable bail bonding services, and choose HB Bail Bonds as your choice bonding company.