Appearance Bonds:  Appearance bonds are also known as 10% bonds. Majority of the time, these bonds can be paid to the courts by the defendant or by someone else on the defendant’s behalf.  The bond is normally refunded by the courts to whoever paid the bond. At the end of the case the payee of the bond has the option that 90% of the posted amount be refunded, or in some cases, you can apply the amount deposited to court cost and fines.


Cash Surety Bonds:  The defendant has two options for these bonds. First is to pay the entire amount of the bail set by the Judge to the court. (EX: $ 10,000 bond = $10,000 to the court).  The second option is that a state licensed bail bond agency can post the bond on the defendant’s behalf for 10% of the set bond amount.



Property Bonds:  Bonds that the court requires property collateral for the set bond amount. This property is held by the court, then released after the case is closed.


In the state of Ohio, all bonds except Recognize Bonds can be posted by a surety company depending, on the defendant’s families financial situation.