HB Bail Bonds, we bail fast!
HB Bail Bonds, we bail fast!


Five Star Bail Bond Company in Columbus, OH

HB Bail Bonds is Columbus, Ohio’s most responsive bail bond company.

Experience, professionalism, and promptness with our clients has made HB Bail  Bonds the premier bail bond agency in Ohio

We have several offices that cover Central Ohio, Southwest Ohio, and Miami Valley 24 hours a day every day.

Our experience, professionalism, and reputation within the legal community is part of why we are becoming an increasingly popular bail bond company in Ohio. Therefore we are building long-standing relationships with attorneys, other bail agencies, and with more and more outstanding members of the judicial and law enforcement communities.

HB Bail Bonds has years of experience and state wide affiliations to handle your bail bond need anywhere in Ohio. “We Bail Fast” is not just our motto, its the truth!


Various Bond Types

Appearance Bonds: The most basic definition of an appearance bond is money you pay to get out of jail under a promise that you will appear in court at your scheduled court date. If you get arrested for something, you might not be able to go to court immediately. Often times, there are at least a couple of days before your court date.


Cash Surety Bonds:  The defendant has two options for these bonds. First is to pay the entire amount of the bail set by the Judge to the court. (EX: $ 10,000 bond = $10,000 to the court).  The second option is that a state licensed bail bond agency can post the bond on the defendant’s behalf for 10% of the set bond amount.


Property Bonds: A property bond is a bond that posts the value of tangible property, such as real estate, in order to obtain a pre-trial release from jail.


All bonds in Ohio,  except Recognizance Bonds, can be posted by a surety company. However, this depends on the defendant’s families financial situation.