Why You’ve Been Denied Bail


Has your loved one been denied bail and you don’t know why? In many circumstances, bail bonds can be administered, unless the convicted person has participated in some of the examples on the list below. If your loved one is in need of any bail bonds services, contact HB Bail Bonds, a bail bonding company. HB Bail Bonds is a bail bonding company located in Columbus, OH, and offers affordable bail bonds services. We aim to ensure that your loved one is able to get out on bail and prepare properly for his or her court date, however, there are some situations where your loved one is unable to seek the freedom they adamantly want.

Three Reasons You’ve Been Denied Bail

Below are three reasons that will help you understand why your loved one has been denied bail. If your loved one is in jail, it is very difficult to watch them go through this process, which is why HB Bail Bonds aims to help you and your loved one during this tough situation. However, when your loved one is denied bail, there isn’t much to be done, except help to prepare his or her court case with a lawyer. To learn more about bail bonds, call us.

Reason One: Flight Risk

This reason is the most obvious because bail bonds is about trusting that the convicted person will show up to his or her court date. If a person gives the judge the slightest reason that they won’t show up or are acting belligerent, he or she will be denied bail. In addition, if the convicted person has a history of skipping out on court dates, he or she will also be denied bail. When someone shows past behavior of not showing up to court dates, acting belligerent, or showing any sign of disobeying and running when he or she is free, this is probable cause to deny the person of bail. Bail is meant to ensure that someone shows up to his or her court date. If the convicted person gives the slightest sign that he or she will not turn up, then that’s a great reason to deny the convicted person the accessibility to bail. If your loved one has skipped out on court dates before or he or she has a tendency to act rudely, then that is one reason your loved one has been denied bail.

Reason Two: Already On Probation Or Parole

If your loved one is already on probation or parole and has gotten in trouble with the law again, bail will most likely be denied. Probation is when a person has committed a crime, but didn’t spend any time in jail or prison. Parole is when a person has gotten out of prison or jail and has to follow certain rules after getting out to ensure he or she will not lean toward recidivism. Unfortunately, if your loved one has committed a crime while already dealing with the repercussions of another crime, he or she won’t be trusted enough to have the option of bail. When a person is a repeat offender there is very little sympathy for him or her because there are only so many chances before people regrettably give up on someone. When someone is put on probation or parole he or she has been given a second chance to clean up his or her act and live a crime-free life. Instead of following the law, the convicted person decides to commit another crime. It is even worse if the convicted person was released into someone’s custody and was under supervision. By committing another crime on top of one that your loved one is paying for, there’s no sign that they won’t abuse the freedom granted, which is why generally the judge will deny bail.

Reason Three: A Threat To The Public

The last reason for denying bail on our list is because of safety. If your loved one is seen as being a threat to the public, bail will be denied. Depending on the crime, a judge will have to determine whether or not the convicted person is dangerous. If the convicted person is deemed as dangerous, then the judge has every right to not release the person. If a convicted person is seen as dangerous, the judge must deny bail for the safety of the convicted person and the public. Generally, if the crime is violent, this is when the judge determines whether they’re likely to hurt others.

Denying bail can be a hindrance to you as a loved one, but in the end, it might be saving a life and ensuring a shorter sentence. If your loved one is facing time in jail and is allowed to get out on bail, contact us. We look forward to helping you and your loved one out of this tough situation.