How To Keep Your Loved One From Failing To Appear In Court


So, your loved one was bailed out of jail, and you’ve heard him or her talk about skipping out on bail. What do you do? How are you feeling about this split second decision your loved one has decided to make? How can you stop him or her from following through on his or her actions? You’re probably feeling hurt, disappointed, and worried that he or she will actually follow through on bail jumping. You want to confront him or her, but you don’t want your loved one to get angry and possibly do what he or she is threatening to do. You worry that you’re going to have to chain him or her to a radiator until the court date is actually here. Your mind is racing about your loved one and how everything is on the line because you took a chance – or many chances – on him or her. You’re angry at yourself and how selfish your loved one is. Your home is on the line; your own future is hanging by a split second decision. What are you going to do about it? Well, there’s only so much you can do. Luckily, at HB Bail Bonds located in Columbus, OH, we’re able to give you some pointers to help keep your loved one from skipping his or her court date. From one bail bondsman to you, let’s look at some ways to keep your loved one from jumping bail.

Four Ways To Keep Your Loved One From Skipping Bail

People skip bail all of the time; they think it’s easier than facing the consequences of their actions. People will go on the lam to avoid dealing with what they’ve done, which in turn ruins the rest of their lives. However, It’s not easy, and a bail bondsman (or his bounty hunter) will find you. Help your loved one stay on track and not jump bail with these useful suggestions.

Hire An Excellent Lawyer

When you hire an excellent lawyer, you give your loved one the chance to have his or her charges dismissed or reduced. When you hire a good lawyer, you’re telling your loved one that you have his or her best interests at heart. Basically, hiring an excellent lawyer will give your loved one the hope he or she needs to get the charges dismissed or reduced. When your loved one has hope that the charges won’t be as bad, he or she will be able to stick around and not jump bail. A lawyer will also talk to your loved one about what would happen if he or she jumped bail. Jumping bail will ruin your loved one’s life, and that’s what a lawyer will emphasize. When you hire an excellent lawyer, you’re giving your loved one the chance to have a future that isn’t ruined by bad decisions.

Keep Track Of His or Her Phone

Phones these days are helpful for many reasons but can be harmful to your loved one if he or she is trying to decide whether or not to skip out on bail. When you keep track of your loved one’s phone, you’ll give yourself some piece of mind. Download a locator app onto your loves one’s phone so you can keep track of him or her all of the time. You’ll know where your loved one goes, when he or she is going, and if he or she is heading out of town. You’ll be able to track your loved one efficiently on his or her phone and reduce your own stress about him or her running. Be warned, however, that if your loved one is angry and annoyed about being tracked by a locator app, then you should be concerned that he or she is planning on failing to appear in court.

Be His or Her Main Source Of Transportation

When you become your loved one’s main source of transportation, he or she won’t be able to go far. Basically, it’s a very tough love approach but will keep your loved one on a short leash to ensure he or she isn’t planning to bail jump. It might be difficult to do so because you aren’t home all the time or because your loved one is an adult and you don’t want to babysit, but it will reduce your stress and worry when you know where he or she is at all times. When you keep your loved one close, you won’t have to worry about them leaving town and failing to appear in court. It might also be difficult on your relationship because he or she complains about feeling as if he or she is already in jail, but try to keep your loved one busy and focused on how this will help in the long run.

Call Your Bail Bondsman Today

If you’ve seen negative signs that your loved one is planning to run and you want to ensure he or she is planning on staying in the area until his or her court date, contact one of our bail bondsman. When you see the signs that your loved one is planning to bolt, you should worry and get someone else involved. When you call one of our bail bondsman, we’ll be able to help you keep track of your loved one. Our bail bonding agents are efficient, smart, and will know how to best protect your loved one from skipping out on bail. In addition, our bail bonds agents are able to take away the bond and send your loved one back to jail until the court date. It might be a hard decision to make, but in the long run, it will ensure your loved one’s safety.

If you’re loved one is facing trouble with the law and you’re looking for a bail bondsman, call HB Bail Bonds today.