What Happens If You Fail To Appear In Court?


Are you aware of what will happen to your loved one if he or she doesn’t appear in court? If your loved one slept through the alarm or forgot the day they were supposed to go to court, they can’t just make up the missed court date. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, your loved one is unable to make up missing a court date. It isn’t like school where a person can make up the lost court date, instead if a convicted person misses a court date there are even more consequences to face.

In addition, if your loved one misses his or her court date on purpose and decides to jump bail, they’ll be facing some major consequences and potentially will ruin his or her life. You might think we’re over exaggerating about your loved one ruining his or her life if they jump bail, but we’re not. At HB Bail Bonds we take jumping bail very seriously so we want to relay the severeness of the situation to you as well. As a bail bondsman located in Columbus, OH, we want to ensure that your loved one shows up to court and faces the consequences of their actions. If he or she does not, they will be facing severe penalties for bail jumping. Read below about what can happen if your loved one jumps bail.

What Happens If I Jump Bail?

What are the consequences that your loved one will face if they jump bail? There are a few and they are not pretty. Being bailed out is giving a convicted person the ability to prepare for his or her court date. The judge is placing their trust in your loved one to show up. If the judge banked on the convicted person wrong and he or she is caught they will most definitely be spending the rest of their time in jail and throughout the rest of the court case as well.

In addition, if your loved one runs, a bail bondsman or bounty hunter will be sent after them to find and bring him or her back. Depending on your crime, if the crime was a felony, then the state patrol or local police will be after your loved one. Remember, that if your loved one has jumped bail and they are driving toward what they assume is freedom, he or she can get pulled over for speeding or for driving sketchily.

Currently, police have a new license plate technology that will read any license plate and flag a car that has criminal or license issues. Lastly, a warrant will be put out for your loved one’s arrest and if he or she is pulled over or in public he or she can be arrested due to the warrant for missing a court date. To avoid having your loved one spend even more time in jail, make sure they do not bail jump.

Is It Possible That I Will Get Caught For Jumping Bail?

Yes, most definitely. As aforementioned, the police have a new type of license scanning technology that will flag any car that has any issues that might be out of place. If your loved one escapes in his or her own car, their license plate will be linked to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Due to your loved one being flagged as a criminal with a warrant out of his or her arrest because of a missed court date, they will be arrested on the scene. In addition, bounty hunters will be out looking for your loved one and if he or she is caught the bail bondsman can arrest your loved one on the scene. Basically, if you run you’ll be caught. There’s a warrant out for your loved one’s arrest, due to technology he or she will be located, and a bounty hunter is searching for your loved one endlessly. The risk is too great for the pay off; does your loved one really want to spend more time in jail?

If you’re afraid your loved one is planning to skip bail read How To Keep Your Loved One From Failing To Appear In Court. If you need to contact a bail bonding agent, call  today and we’ll help you to the best of our abilities. We look forward to helping you and your loved one out of this sticky situation.