The History of Bail


Have you ever wondered where some of our laws and norms came from? Besides the obvious ones such as the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, which we all know where they came from, but other ones no one really considers. For instance, where did the idea of bail bonds come from? Who thought of bail bonds and why do we have the right to post bail when we’re in a tight spot? At HB Bail Bonds we want to provide you with as much information about bail bonds as possible. If your loved one is facing jail time and needs to post bail in the Columbus, OH, and surrounding area we can assist you. To learn more about our bail bonds services, call now.

The History Of Bail Bonds

Below you’ll read about the origins of bail bonds and how they were established as well as why America as an infant country decided to incorporate laws from England. The history of bail bonds will also give you a good idea of what our country was like hundreds of years ago and how similar – despite technology – it is today. In addition, the history of bail bonds will paint a picture of how little humans have developed since the creation of the bail bonds system.

The Beginning Of Bail Bonds

Similar to the crime rates now, in the infant America or New World as it was called during the time, had a crime problem. Crime in 2016 and the late 1600s and early 1700s doesn’t compare because of the vast amount of technology that exists and the increased population, but there are still similarities. Crime is still crime and lawmakers had to figure out a way to maintain control over this burgeoning country.

A long time before America was even a thought, back in the Middle Ages in England, the system of bail bonds was invented. Bail bonds back in 13th century England was defined as putting up money or property in exchange for a release from prison until a person’s trial date. Similar to now, bail bonds were temporary and the practice was invented to balance out the socioeconomic status of the village people. No matter if rich, poor, or the small amount of people in the middle class, if you committed a crime everyone would be treated equally if they were accused of a crime. Bail bonds arose out of this need of equality and balancing out how everyone was treated. Even hundreds of years ago people were searching for equality.

During the Middle Ages in England, it was also brought to the attention of the local sheriffs and lawmakers that when people were accused of crimes they would try everything to avoid facing the courts and the punishment that awaited them. Since it was the Middle Ages the punishments were generally pretty gruesome too, such as being burned at the stake or water torture. Due to wanting to avoid these punishments and with the lack of a judge or magistrate, the local sheriffs had a hard time keeping the criminals behind bars until his or her trial. Since the criminals knew what the punishment would most likely be, it was easier to allow criminals to be released from the crowded jails until his or her trial date. Apparently, it was easier to hold water torture or death over someone than keep them in overcrowded jail cells until his or her court date. The local sheriff was able to make all of the decisions when it came to figuring out the fate of the criminals and everything was based on the severity of the crime. Of course, because the sheriff was granted a lot of power by the king and like most people in power there was personal gain and corruption.

America’s Bail Bond System

After America was made into a country our Founding Fathers had to incorporate some laws and norms that would be followed to reduce the chances of anarchy. Taking a page out of their mother country, bail bonds were incorporated into the laws of the infant country. The bail bond system and bondsmen have been attached to this country since the founding, however, the laws have changed as time progressed. Instead of having a local sheriff decide everything, we have judges that we don’t have to wait a month for, so bail is posted relatively quick. The laws have also changed with bail bonds due to wanting to make everything more fair. Individual states have their own laws for bail bond services, too. The overall concept of bail bonds has remained pretty standard and bail bonds services are still necessary to help people who need extra time to build their case. However, much like everything in a capitalist society when a person doesn’t have the funds the services of bail bonds isn’t as helpful. This is why there have been other laws set into place such as being able to leverage property or a car. The property value is different than it was during the Middle Ages or even the 17th century, so if you don’t have the funds there are still other items to use as collateral.

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